Fitbit Flex Review

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 Jawbone UpNike FuelbandFitbit FlexLifeTrak C200


Style4.5 Stars
The second most stylish of the bunch. Small, descrete and sexy.
3.5 Stars
Slightly thicker than the flex and wider than the Up with a rubber finish.
5 Stars
Sleek, small and thin with a matte finish. Sizing is great.
2.5 Stars
This is more of a sport watch and not something I'd wear to a nice dinner.
Overall Motivation1.5 Stars
The lack of immediate feedback will eventually make this device a desk drawer gadget.
4.5 Stars
This bands bright LEDs and immediate feedback is awesome. The battery life hurts long term use.
4 Stars
Great! I'd prefer an always on LED or screen like the C200 and with the sleek design I want to wear it.
5 Stars
Having a great real time tracker HR monitor and progress bar gives this the highest honor.
Bluetooth Syncing0 Stars
This is the worst part about the Up. Plugging in makes the motivation decrease.
3.5 Stars
Syncing the fuelband requires you to push the button. It needs to be more automatic.
5 Stars
This is the benchmark for wireless syncing by auto syncing.
0 Stars
The C300/C400 has Bluetooth 4.0 LE
App Integration3.5 Stars
The Up has a lot of app partners but we can't give it full stars because you still have to plug it in.
1.5 Stars
With only two apps but a new API there is hope but the current situation looks bleek.
5 Stars
The Fitbit has the most apps in it's library and a great API to connect to.
0 Stars
The C300/C400 are going to have a library of apps.
Waterproof3.5 Stars
Water resistant which is rain splash, sweat, and shower resistant.
3.5 Stars
Water resistant which is rain splash, sweat, and shower resistant.
3.5 Stars
Water resistant which is rain splash, sweat, and shower resistant.
5 Stars
Fully waterproof.
Battery Life4 Stars
I received 10 days of battery life which makes it come in second place for the trackers.
2 Stars
The worst of the bunch. I got around 3-4 days of battery life.
3.5 Stars
After 3 weeks of use I get 6.5 days of use before a charge.
5 Stars5 Stars
No charging, uses a watch battery which gives 2 years.
Corrections-8 Stars: Quality control. These break easily.
-2 Stars: No LCD or LEDs.
+4 Stars: Nice iPhone app and a great sleep mode.
-1 Star: The cap falls off too easily to get lost.
+1 Star: Doubles as a watch.
-4 Stars: The most expensive of the bunch.
-2 Stars: No sleep mode.
+2 Stars: Great app, support and community.
-4 Stars: Changes modes way too easily.
+4 Stars: Also has a sleep mode.
-2 Stars: Sleep info needs work.
+2 Stars: Great app, support and community.
+3 Stars: Great active quick pulse readings.
+1 Star: Doubles as a watch..
-2 Stars: No sleep mode.
-2 Stars: Data is stuck on the device.
Total Stars:





6 thoughts on “Fitbit Flex Review

  1. Bonita Mitchell

    I have a flex fitbit and the wristband has developed a tear in the place where the battery goes. How do I get another one shipped to me at no charge? It certainly hasn’t held up very long.

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